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The main new feature of Release is the Note Pad display mode.

This new display option allows you to view and organise your Work Items in a free form layout, resized, orientated and coloured to your preference. In addition to viewing work items, you can also attach sticky notes and manage “To Do” lists.


As the name implies, this display mode is intended for you to keep notes and reminders on your day to project work without having to pollute the shared work items.

Note information is stored locally on your desktop and persisted on a per project basis.


Selecting Work Items

The selection of work items is controlled by the toolbar “Work item” selector. This drop down control allows you to select work items organised by work item type and id.


Alternatively, you can use the built in search feature ([Ctrl] + F) and select “Note Pad” from the highlight drop down list.


And there is the ability to right click on any work item element in workbench and choose the “Highlight In –> Note Pad” context menu option.



Adding Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be added via the “Add New Note” toolbar control and there are 9 colour options available. To alter the text of sticky note, simply click inside the text area and start typing. Dragging a note on top of a Work Item card or To Do list pins that note to the item. Dragging the note on to the note pad stage unpins it.



Adding a To Do list

You can add any number of To Do lists by clicking the “+ To Do List” tool bar button. To do lists allow you to add, remove and check off to do items. Add a new list item by clicking the “+” button, remove an item by clicking the adjacent “X” button and check off an item by checking the adjacent checkbox.

Editing the to do item text is accomplished by clicking inside the boundaries of the item and then typing what you need.



Controlling Pad Items on the stage

All of the items displayed on the note pad stage area can be controlled in the same way.

  • Remove item: Click the “X” in the top left hand corner

  • Remove all items: Click the “Clear” tool bar button

  • Rotate item: Click and drag at the item corner

  • Resize item: Click and drag the item edge or bottom right corner

  • Pin stick note: Drag note on to another item

  • Unpin note: Drag note off an item onto the stage

  • Bring to top: Click an item

  • Change work item colour: Right click and select colour from context menu.


  • Increase available stage size: Use the scale toolbar control.

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